Personal Thoughts after Codeforces Round #477 (rated, Div. 2, based on VK Cup 2018 Round 3)

It has been a long time for which I stuck around the line between purple and blue since half a year ago. Today I got really lucky to get lots of hacks and be placed in the 22rd place in division 2. As a result, my rating bumped from 1890 to 2001.

To speak fairly, I am not strong enough to deserve a rating of 2001 now though I do practice hard these days. I do think my actual rating should be around 1950 or lower. 

My rating's tendency to rise is always there through all the time since I started my first CF competition. Upsolving turns out to be a really beneficial approach for my competitive programming. My ability levels up a lot faster since now I tend to think a problem for a longer time before I see the tutorial. I can feel that it makes a big difference compared to half a year ago. The rating does fluctuate, but the long-run tendency to rise still exists if we try hard to improve ourselves. It is not just about solving problem in contest, but also upsolving them after contest, throwing ourselves into hours and hours of thinking. The time put in thinking is not wasted; instead, every minute of it contributes to a better self. That's why we should keep practice and practice.

However, it has been a long time since I was really lonely, speaking of competitive programming, in my university. It is just hard to find another person that has the same passion about it as I, which partly results in me writing this blog right here since I don't know who I can share my thoughts with. Just hope I can get accepted for transfer or I can find another person that has the same interest next semester given that a lot of new students are coming next semester.

By a Robert,

Happy but a little sad.


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